The Queen's Quill, 02.08.15.: Super Bowls, Boston Globes, and Pizza Pies

If any of y’all have been keeping up, you’ll know that the Queen has had quite a bit going on these last few months.  I figured the ‘Blog’ section of would be as good a spot as any to offer a sort of weekly chronicle of all of Her Highness’ comings and goings, so here goes nothing; hope y’all enjoy!


The week started out with a bang, as we were facing our first ever Super Bowl Sunday as a company.  We’d gotten in a full extra night of production over the preceding week in anticipation of the big game, but I should’ve known our feeble efforts would prove no match against y’alls’ cheese-lust.  Facing a Super-Shortage, Mama and I hit Carolina Commercial Kitchen before sunrise Sunday morning to churn out a cool 300 lbs. or so, which was delivered in time to provided the perfect finishing touch to all of Charlotte’s party platters.

Crisis averted.

Crisis averted.



Tuesday saw us finally make it onto the mean streets of Downtown Matthews and Waxhaw, with our inclusion on both the shelves and menus of both locations of Black Chicken Wine Cellar.  Black Chicken is a truly unique concept in both towns; fine wines and craft beers served in a hyper-intimate, cozier-than-cozy setting.  They also offer carefully-curated grub to pair with their libations (lots of great cheeses/charcuterie, etc.), and it’s all served in an incredibly warm, friendly setting that’s sure to make you feel right at home from the moment you walk in the door.  


Come for the cheese, stay for the wine!  Or reverse.  In any event, make sure to hit Black Chicken the next time you’re in Matthews or Waxhaw; I promise you won’t be sorry!


Then there was Wednesday.  A lot of y’all know that we’ve been selling at both the Boston and Cambridge locations of the venerable Savenor’s Butcher and Grocer locations for the past couple of months, and that we visited the area last month to do a little pimento-cheese-evangelizin’.  Well, while we were up there, none other than the Boston Globe decided to pay us visit, and WOWZA…did they ever show the Queen some major love.  Their profile of our little company was published online and in hard copy Wednesday, and it pretty much blew my mind.  A glowing write up, and 3 big, color photos…just more good fortune than we could’ve ever imaged.  Check it out if you haven’t yet; we tried our best to do the Queen City proud!


Thursday was another big one for the Queen, as the amazing artisans behind Papa Libretto’s Street Pizza debuted their “QC Royale” pizza (our “Black and Bleu Blood” blue cheese pimento cheese+spinach+bacon) as well as their “North/South Sliders” (our “Her Royal Hotness” jalapeño pimento cheese+sliced roma tomatoes on their signature garlic knots).  We were lucky enough to taste both of these concoctions last week, and y’all…I know I’m biased, but LAWDY.  You need these things in your life.  Just a perfect, perfect combination of flavors.  Our product melts into the perfect pizza base/cheese marriage, and Papa’s crust/preparation are simply second to none.  Just…Oh.  Em.  GEE.  I’ve put their schedule below, and in all seriousness: GO GET YOURSELF SOME PIZZA!!!



Mondays: Lakepointe Corporate Center, 11-2


Tuesdays: Time Warner Cable, Whitehall, 11-2


Wednesdays: Accenture Financial, 11-2

                      NoDa Brewing Company 5-9


Thursdays: Regency Executive Park, 11-2


Fridays: Roundpoint Mortgage, 11-2

              Triple C Brewery, 5-9


Thursday was also exciting for us on a personal/personnel level.  My old man ruptured a couple discs in his back in early December, and he’s been pretty much immobile ever since.  Well, Thursday marked his triumphant return to the Queen’s production line.  His angelic presence (and especially his cheese-scoopability) was sorely missed from our late-night packaging sessions, so having him back online was just as wonderful as could be.  If you see him out at a sampling, make sure to welcome him back!  But given his fragile state, maybe skip any bearhugs you had planned, and go for the high-five instead.  Actually, he’s kind of a germaphobe…hmm.  Just silently nod and buy his cheese.  That’s all the validation he needs.


Friday we had the opportunity to take part in a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte.  The whole thing went down at Revolution (one of the slickest boutiques in town), and it raised money to benefit BBBS’ massive “Bowl For Kids’ Sake” event.  BFKS is looking to raise $135,000 locally and over $20 MILLION nationally for their amazing organization, and we were beyond honored to be a tiiiiiny part of that.  We got to donate some QC Cheese product and swag, and we got to hang out with some of Charlotte’s best individuals in the process.  What more could you ask for?  Special thanks to Adrian Rencher for inviting us to take part and for pulling the whole thing together, and to Brandon Viebrock of Revolution and Mortimer’s Cafe and Pub for hosting.  


We ended our week by sampling at Healthy Home Market’s Wine and Cheese tasting.  I was posted up at HHM’s Plaza-Midwood location, and my old man was camped out at their Davidson spot.  Meeting lots of new friends (and moving loads of cheese ;) ) was as great as it always is, and running into those old pals who came out to see us made it that much better.  Sampling: easily my favorite part of the gig.

And that’s it for the inaugural edition of the Queen’s Quill.  Hope y’all enjoyed, and feel free to spread the word.  I’m going to try to get a new post up every Sunday evening, so be on the lookout.  In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook, and on Instagram and Twitter at @QCCheeseRoyale!