The Queen's Quill, 03.15.15.: The Calm Before the Storm

The first flutters of Spring are finally in the air, and the Queen’s making all the preparations for the coming onslaught of cheese-starved pic-a-nickers that’s sure to be close behind.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t get to have a little fun here and there…


We had our most recent Hornets-tickets giveaways this week, and aside from the fact that our Bugs went 0-2 during the span, we couldn’t have had any more fun with the winners!  Everybody else: stay tuned, as we’ll be offering our last little giveaway of the year April 1st against Detroit!

Some of our winners, bookended by Eric and me.  

Some of our winners, bookended by Eric and me.  


One sure way to know that the Spring’s just around the corner: the first of our amazing seasonal retailers have opened up!  That’s right, Providence Produce Market’s “Rock Store” location (situated just behind the Rock Store Bar-b-que in Stallings) cleaned off the cobwebs last Saturday!  Their Waxhaw and Ballantyne locations are opening March 21st and 28th, respectively, and the one and only Josh’s Farmers Market (Mooresville) is swinging the doors open April 1st!!!


One thing’s for certain: it’s about to get REAL for your favorite mom and pop cheese makers.


On the Homeland Security Front: you’re not gonna find a leader that’s tougher on crime than Her Majesty.  It’s for that reason that she’ll settle for nothing less than the best than a top-flight personal guard.  Presenting Sirs Leonard, Rodney, and Felipe: the Queen’s New Security Detail!


You know...when your only friends are a pot full of anthropomorphized Venus’ Fly Traps, it might be time to take off the hairnet and get some fresh air.  I'll put that on the to-do list :)


We wrapped up the week sampling with our pals at The Peach Stand (Fort Mill, SC) and Frontier Meats (Waxhaw).  We’ll be hitting up both locations of Reid’s Fine Foods (Myers Park and Indian Land, SC) this Saturday (03.21), and I’ll also be hitting Carolina Fish Market’s Ballantyne location this Friday afternoon (03.20) in what I’m hoping will become a monthly-ish tradition for the Queen!  

Can’t beat a little fresh fish on a Friday, right?  Hope to see some of y’all there!

That’s just about it for this round of the Quill.  The Vernal Equinox hits Crown Town at about 6:45 Friday, meaning we technically still have a couple days of Winter left.  Well, y’all better use those precious remaining hours to get any hibernation you had planned out of your system now, because starting next week, the Queen has LOADS of exciting new stuff on the calendar…GET PUMPED!!!