The Queen's Quill, 03.22.15.: The Queen's MEDIA BLITZ!!! (Oh, and we hear there's a burger in the works...)

Wednesday was just about the only “interesting” day we had all of last week, but man, was it ever a big one.  

I started out the day by dropping off all four flavors of the Queen’s finest to Chris MacClain, Jim Celania, and Travis “T-Bone” Hancock at WFNZ (610 AM).  The fellas (better known as “The Mac Attack”) immediately started devouring the feast, and took to the airwaves to tell their audience all about it it. 

So that was pretty flippin’ cool.

After that, I bolted over to Mattie’s Diner at the NC Music Factory, where we shot a live spot in promotion of our spot at April 11th’s “Moo and Brew Fest”.  Here’s a link of the piece; I come in at around 2:20.  Wilson and the WCCB crew were as amazing as ever, and I have to say, I CANNOT WAIT for Moo and Brew.  If y’all haven’t already, get your tickets ASAP.  It’s going to be an incredible day all around.


Maybe the most exciting thing to come out of Wednesday’s escapades was a connection we made at Mattie’s.  Matt dug into our cheese as soon as we got there, and he was immediately smitten.  The result: we’re partnering with Mattie’s on a burger to be featured at Moo and Brew, as well as an item to be featured on their permanent menu!  I dropped off their first “test” tubs Friday, and I’ll let y’all know when we have some more specifics hashed out!!!

We have a couple of really fun items on the agenda for this week, so stay tuned to our social media (we’re always updating our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!).  Spring is here, everybody, and it’s shaping up to be a wild one :)