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Win FREE tickets to the 03.09.15. Charlotte vs. Washington game!

A lot of y’all know that in addition to making the world’s finest #PimentoCheese, Her Highness is something of a b-ball fanatic.  Well, it’s that time of year again: the Queen is dishing out FREE HORNETS TICKETS!!!  That’s right, Loyal Subjects/True Beelievers, as our Bugs make their late season playoff push, we’re giving y’all all kinds of chances to win FREE tickets to one of 3 upcoming home games (03.09 vs. Washington, 03.11 vs. Sacramento, and 04.01 vs. Detroit)!  And that’s not all, we’re giving you up to 9 CHANCES TO WIN for each game! Check it out:

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It’s just that simple, gang.  And like I said, we’ll be doing this 3 different times over the next 3 weeks, so yeah…the odds are pretty good as far as these things go!  The contest ends at 7 pm, 03.07.15.  At that point, I’ll be sending out private messages to the winners (If the winner comes from Instagram, I’ll tag you in the pic.  If the winner comes from Facebook, be on the lookout for a friend request from a weirdo in a white tux named John Morgan.  That’d be me :) ).  


Good luck everybody, and GO HORNETS!!!