“Pimento Cheese Man Gets Taste of Success” (11.07.18; NBC Charlotte. A BEAUTIFUL piece. The title says it all!).

"What is Pimento Cheese, and why does the South love it so much?" (09.04.18; The Charlotte Observer.  Observer Food & Drink writer Kathleen Purvis offers this quick Pimento Cheese primer, and the Queen even makes a cameo at the end).

"Black & Blue Blood Burgers" (06.28.18; Bounce TV.  The Queen Himself preps WBTV's Delano Little a blue cheese burger that very nearly causes the D-Man to faint in glee).

"The Story of Charlotte's Unlikely Pimento Cheese King" (05.02.18; WBT Radio.  Mark Garrison's "Charlotte at Six" produced this beautiful little synopsis of the Queen and his court).


"Charlotte Omelette #8" (Fall, 2017; The Queen is the cover star of this edition of Charlotte's Finest News Source™)

"The Queen City's Caviar" (November, 2017, Charlotte Happenings Magazine.  The Queen talks pimento cheese, and even makes a mini-batch for the camera).

"10 Only-in-Charlotte Gifts That Show Off Southern Style" (07.12.17; Where Traveller.  The Queen City's definitive top 10 must-have gifts). 

"Charlotte Made Event" (09.13.17; NBC Charlotte.  The crew at Charlotte Today discuss the Queen's participation in Yelp's upcoming "Charlotte Made" events).


"VTGCLT POP features 77 Local Businesses" (12.13.16; NBC Charlotte.  Let's just say that out of those 77 unstoppable local bizzes, 76 were SORELY lacking in the cheesiness department...).

"Spreading Queen Charlotte’s good word through pimento cheese" (08.17.16; CLTure. Charlotte CLTure brought several tears to the Queen's eye with this in-depth look at how our whole operation churns along).

"Varldens Basta Burgare (World's Best Burger)" (05.11.16; Swedish TV3. Swedish Celebrity Chef Johan Jureskog and Actor/TV Personality Malin Gramer visited Charlotte on their quest to construct the best burger imaginable.  In order to make the best burger, you need the best cheese...that's where the Queen came into the picture...)

"Local couple creates delicious homemade pimento cheese" (04.22.16; NBC Charlotte. The gang at Charlotte Today invited 3 amazing local chefs to whip up 3 amazing recipes featuring our amazing pimento cheese.  It was pretty doggone amazing).

"Who knew Charlotte had Cheese Makers?" (03.22.16; Charlotte Five.  A behind the scenes look at our Pimento Cheese Queendom).

"A Cheesy Way to Make a Living" (03.02.16; WBT Radio.  A fun and breezy synopsis of the Queen's story).

"How Nitrous Oxide Works" (02.18.16; Stuff You Should Know.  The #4 podcast in THE WORLD declares that the Queen makes the #1 pimento cheese in THE WORLD.  Scroll to 7:40 remaining to hear Josh and Chuck talk cheese, or better yet, subscribe to the show and become an SYSK junkie!

"The Best Places to Preorder Super Bowl Food" (02.03.16; NBC Charlotte.  Yelp Charlotte's Nikki Wolfe provides the perfect Panthers Victory Party Platter.  Naturally, the Queen was included).

"Best Pimento Cheese in the QC" (01.05.16; GoCarolinas.com;  A glowing review of the Queen's Finest).  


"The Best Store Bought Brands" (September 2015; Southern Living Magazine [page 121].  None other than Southern Living named the Royale among the finest pimento cheese brands in America!).

"Wilson Previews this Weekend's Southern Women's Show" (08.27.15; WCCB Charlotte.  Our old pal highlights the 2015 Charlotte Southern Women's Show.  Scroll to 3:39 to see the Queen's segment).

"Getting Social with Wilson at the NC Music Factory" (07.15.15; WCCB Charlotte.  A quick feature highlighting the inaugural "Southern Social" at the NC Music Factory.  Scroll to 5:30 to see the Queen's segment).

"Attention Pimento Cheese Lovers: 5 Made in USA Regional Specialties" (05.04.15; USA Love List.  A small feature of some of the best pimento cheeses in America.  Spoiler alert: sounds like the Queen's their favorite).

"Made in the Carolinas" (March 2015; QC Exclusive Magazine [pages 84-85]).  QC Exclusive named us among their top "Makers" in the Carolinas for 2015!)

"Wilson Visits Mattie's Diner to Preview Next Month's Moo and Brew Festival" (03.18.15; WCCB Charlotte.  A great look at some of the local vendors of Creative Loafing's inaugural "Moo and Brew Festival".  Scroll to 2:20 to see the Queen's segment).

"You don't have to be a Southerner to try pimento cheese" (02.05.15; The Boston Globe).


"Shopping with Wilson at the Vintage Charlotte Winter Pop-Up Market" (11.14.14; WCCB Charlotte.  A couple of snapshots previewing our appearance at the 2014 Vintage Charlotte Winter Market.  Scroll to 6:38 and 11:05 to see the Queen's segments).

"Teacher makes homemade pimento cheese" (08.12.14; NBC Charlotte.  A wonderful little piece featuring a behind-the-scenes look at how we do what we do...and a little of my art thrown in for good measure!)

"Who (or what) is John Morgan?" (06.30.14; Union Lifestyle Magazine).

"Three questions with John Morgan, owner of Queen Charlotte's Pimento Cheese Royale"  (06.18.14; Creative Loafing - Charlotte).

"From Idea to Startup: Queen Charlotte's Pimento Cheese Royale goes light on the mayo, heavy on Charlotte" (06.11.14; The Charlotte Observer).

"Wilson Goes Retro At Vintage Charlotte" (06.09.14; WCCB Charlotte.  A brief interview describing the 2014 Vintage Charlotte Summer Market.  Scroll to 9:55 to see the Queen's segment).